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Our aim is to understand your business and it's needs and then design and build a website that represents your business at its best. Only then do we feel we have accomplished our business goal.

Strategy & Design

We engage with the customer to understand their business and needs and then formulate a plan to move forward to achieve their new or updated website. This will involve discussing what design aspects are important to you and developing one or more design proposals.

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After finalising a design for the site, we get on to develop the site, engaging with you at significant stages. When we have completed the website, we ensure the website works as expected with extensive testing before making it available to the worldto access.

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E-commerce Solutions

Where the website is to involve an e-commerce aspect, we will assist on best approach to both setting up the shop front and how receipt of payements.

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Search & Social

Building a website is but one aspect promoting your business. Further steps include raising the profile of your website, i.e. ensuring it appears at a high postion on Search Engine results; keeping in contact with your current or new customers with tools such as email, blogs; or using social media such as Facebook, Twitter as tools to bring customers to your business. We can assist you in these aspects too.

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Responsive Design

In the current world, the majority of interactions with the Internet are undertaking with mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets etc. It is therefore essential that websites we build will "work" the widest range of devices as possible. This is know as Responsive design.

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Website Maintenance

So now you have your website, but in most cases, it is not static like your business. We can build sites where you can undertake the updating of your site yourselves, but not everyone is comfortable with that and we will provide such a service if needed. The amount of updating with depend on the nature of your site, e.g. an e-commerce site will require far more maintence than a site that acts as a shop-front.

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Our Dedicated Team

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Don Bailey - Web Design & Developer

Spent numerous years in IT undertaking a large number of roles and responsibilities. Now using those skills to run our own company, primarily focused on web development.

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Joseph Bailey - Web Design & Developer

Can code efficently in a variety of web programming languages producing good quality code. Have good overall IT skills and learning to undertake differnt roles and responsibilities to use those skills to run our company, primarily focused on web development.

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We can be contacted through the following routes:

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Coalville, Leicestershire

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